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Pearl Earrings E92


Diamond Pearl Earrings: The Quintessence of Sparkling Elegance


The allure of diamonds meeting the grace of pearls creates a mesmerizing ensemble, resulting in Konig's diamond pearl earrings. These timeless pieces represent a perfect amalgamation of nature's most sought-after treasures, elevating every attire with their pristine charm.


Our diamond pearl earrings are meticulously crafted to accommodate any pearl. The focus on versatility ensures that these earrings are more than just a style statement - they are a testament to individuality, seamlessly adapting to reflect your unique style and grace.


The prong setting finish only amplifies the beauty of these earrings. This elegant arrangement allows for maximum light entrance, thereby enabling the diamonds to exhibit their brilliant sparkle to the fullest. It is a design choice that showcases our dedication to highlighting the inherent beauty of the precious stones.


The earrings employ a Shephard Hook closure type, balancing security and design. This closure not only ensures a sturdy fit but also contributes to the earrings' overall elegance, subtly enhancing the drop effect of the pearl.


The choice of gold is yours to make, with options of yellow, white, or rose gold. Each color creates a different backdrop for the diamond and pearl ensemble, enabling you to express your style in the most personalized way.


At Konig, we pride ourselves as manufacturers who are dedicated to the craft of fine jewelry. Each pair of diamond pearl earrings we create reflects our commitment to artistry, quality, and the promise of timeless elegance.

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Pearl Earrings

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