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KGH Jewellery Ltd was established in 1986, and since then has been a world-wide leading manufacturer of pearl gold jewellery.

The KGH collection, renowned for its quality and easy to use reliable mechanisms  includes a wide range of clasps, earrings, pendants and other pearl jewellery with or without diamonds and in different finishes. The collection ranges from basic low cost models to luxurious designs for Tahitian and South Sea pearls and is designed to match any pearl size and shape.

Production – all in-house - is available in 9K, 14K, and 18K, yellow, white and red gold. Part of the collection is available in silver as well.


  • We carry various diamond qualities for the different requirements of our customers.
  • Working closely with our customers, we implement their requests and ideas for new designs, and adapt existing designs according to their needs.
  • Our regular visits to our customers enable us to stay in touch with their changing needs, and provide our customers with another opportunity to see our up-dated collection at the convenience of their office.
  • International trade agreements allow our customers to import our products tax-free or almost tax-free.

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