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It all started with our father, Gabriel König,

Already as a young man he learned to be a jeweler in the Budapest Gehtto during the holocaust. He then improved his skill in Israel after the war and then in the 60's set off to Europe and the US to learn jewelry designing. He first spent a few years in art school in New York in order learn to draw and paint the designs and only then joined the New York jewelry designing school, where he was tutored and mentored by the famous Omar Torrez, and graduated at the top of his class due to his easy to make and easy to use amazing designs thank to his background as a jeweler

He then worked for Jerry Grant and with his skill, he took Jerry from the bowery to 57th where he did custom work for all the who's who of the time: Tom Jones, Cher, Uri Gellar etc.

In 1979 he decided to return to his homeland Israel, where he worked at "Oronet" as the head designer and foreman at the same time.

During this time at a request from "General Findings", my father created the most basic and most used pearl clasp in world.

In 1986, he opened with his cousin his own company "K.G.H. Jewellery Ltd". The company was mostly busy in the pearl jewelry findings due to the big demand of the time, but always was open to one of a kind special jewelry of all kinds.

My brother Jason & I were practically raised with the business and were tutored and mentored by our father who passed away in 2010.

We proudly continue our family business and heritage and are committed to excellence and to innovative and original designs.

We invite you to share the experience of our wonderful designs!