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Pearl Earrings E658


Exquisite Pearl Earrings: The Ultimate Statement of Elegance


Step into the realm of timeless beauty with our enchanting pearl earrings. Each pair showcases a magnificent pearl, a wonder of nature nestled into a comfortable 19mm design that fits any size. Unveil your ultimate charm by adorning these pristine jewels, the epitome of classic elegance and modern sophistication.


These earrings boast a gypsy closure type, ensuring a secure and fashionable fit for everyone. The allure of the pearl is dramatically enhanced by the shiny finish, casting a captivating sparkle that won't go unnoticed. These pearls aren't just earrings; they are the embodiment of grace, a tale of timeless beauty whispered into your ear.


Our pearl earrings come in a choice of yellow, white, or rose gold. Each type of gold introduces its unique charm, perfectly accentuating the pearl's radiant glow. The yellow gold adds a traditional touch, the white gold introduces a contemporary elegance, while the rose gold imparts a trendy and romantic flair. Make your choice and let these little wonders enhance your everyday look or complete your perfect night-out ensemble.


At Konig, we do more than just manufacturing jewelry; we craft emotions. As creators of these delicate masterpieces, we ensure that every pearl earring whispers a story of elegance, making you the narrator of this timeless tale. Embrace the Konig experience and let your elegance shine.

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Pearl Earrings

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