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Pearl Earrings E104


Pearl Earrings: An Exquisite Symphony of Elegance and Grace


There is something extraordinarily captivating about pearl earrings, an air of elegance that resonates with timeless beauty. At Konig, we masterfully encapsulate this essence, creating earrings that are not mere adornments, but a statement of class.


Our pearl earrings are designed to accommodate any pearl, exuding an unparalleled versatility. Crafted within dimensions of 8mm - 11mm, the earrings strike the perfect balance between delicacy and visibility, capturing admiration without shouting for attention.


Each pair is completed with a shiny finish, adding a luminescent touch that elevates the natural radiance of the pearls. This finish makes the earrings sparkle under the light, providing a dazzling touch to every ensemble.


Our earrings come with a secure post & butterfly closure, ensuring a comfortable and firm fit. This style of closure is not just reliable but also discreet, allowing the beauty of the pearls to take center stage.


You are empowered to choose the gold type that best aligns with your style, be it the timeless appeal of yellow gold, the cool allure of white gold, or the warmth of rose gold. Moreover, the earrings are modular with two parts, perfect for showcasing two exquisite pearls.


At Konig, we are more than just manufacturers. We are artisans passionately crafting every piece of jewelry to reflect our commitment to quality, design, and the timeless charm of pearls.

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Pearl Earrings

Metal purity and title

14K Yellow Gold



Total Carat Weight


SKU / Item Number


Fit to Pearl

8mm - 11mm


Shiny Finish

closure type

Post & Butterfly